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Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

This installation is a commentary on surveillance, most directly relating to the terms of service that we habitually skip through without reading or understanding. We don't realize that these agreements often outline the ways in which you are watched and monitored. This is not to say surveillance is bad, rather a way to portray the situation so that users come to a more appreciated understanding.

Our thinking is that the skulls are both inviting and terrifying at the same time, which creates a dichotomy of emotions in the user. If a user were to walk up to a podium, they would be free to control the movements of the skull however they like. For some, that could be the entire experience. There is though, a prominent QR code that prompts the user to learn more. If they take the initiative and follow the QR code, then they are sent to the web page with the Youtube video and the skull's motor controls. The video they are seeing streamed is of a different location (because it is coming from the second podium) and the controls allow them to move that camera in real time. At this point, it is up to the users to make the connection that the podium they were just standing in front of is capable of the same surveillance. They then can attract a second user to the second podium and have that user repeat the process until all three podiums are in a chain, each one sending a user to control another. In effect, this experience allows users to bear the knowledge that someone is watching them and yet also grants them the opportunity to present the experience to a second person, generating awareness that not all friendly and engaging things are completely friendly.

Collab with Rafi Weiss and Jonathan Thielens

Ofir Rosen, Jonathan Thielens, and Rafi weiss | 2017